Polymer and the Nanofiber Laboratory

 | Post date: 2021/07/31 | 
Head: Dr. Hajir Bahrami, Tel: +98(21)64542680
Laboratory Instructor: Eng. Abdullah Gholami, Tel: +98(21)64542675
With the rise of nanotechnology and the fast growth of research activities on the production of nanofibrous structures, Polymer and Nanofiber Laboratory was established in 2005. Electrospinning equipment and setups present in this laboratory are used to work with different polymers to produce nanofibers with different morphologies and diameters. It is possible to control all the process parameters.
Based on the application, nanofibers may be produced in a random arrangement or aligned forms using differently collector types. Nanofibers in the range of 50 to 800 nanometers are used for different applications such as tissue engineering, membrane, air, and liquid filtration, medical, and in many other areas. In this regards different synthetic and natural polymers are used for nanofiber production.  Nanofibers are produced from solutions made of polymer or polymer composites by the addition of nanoparticles. Since the dispersion of nanoscale materials such as CNT, graphene, or nanoclay in the solution does not take place by using simple mixing systems; a sonication system is available in this lab for this purpose.
 It is also possible to produce a hybrid nanofibrous structure using two different polymer solutions electrospun from different nozzles and collected on a collector. Polymer solutions are made by dissolving the required amount of polymer in the proper solvent for this purpose. 
There have been many student research work on the production of nanofibrous structures at undergraduate and graduate levels and many Ph.D. students produced their samples in this laboratory.