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Opening of AUT Dormitory, an Endowment of Dr. Hossein Nasser Al-Islami

 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
The male dormitory, an endowment of Dr. Hossein Nasser al-Islami has been built on a land with an area of ​​1100 square meters, in 7 floors and 42 units. 400 male doctorate students are supposed to be housed in this dormitory.
The chancellor of AUT said: the dormitories of this university have the ranks of 1st and 2nd and this university does not have any 3rd or 4th grade dormitories.
Also, in another ceremony, Mr. Aminullah Seyed Azizi, the construction engineer of the AUT dormitory endowed by Dr. Hossein Nasser Al-Islami was honored with the presence of Dr. Seyed Ahmad Motamedi, the chancellor of the university and other officials. In this ceremony, Mr. Aminullah Seyed Azizi said: by building this building, Dr. Nasser Al-Islami has greatly helped the development of infrastructures of the university. This makes it possible for students to study with less concerns.