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Consortium MOU of the Top Five Iranian Universities Extended

 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
According to public relations of AUT and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, meeting of the chancellors of the member universities in the consortium of the top five universities of Iran (5TIUC) was held with the extension of the five-year MOU and honoring the leaders of the international association of universities.
 Dr. Ramin Kurdi, International Vice-Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, said: more than five years ago, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Sharif University of Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology, and Tehran University were selected by Spain University of Santiago de Compostela to cooperate in the Erasmus Project of European Union. The representatives of these groups agreed to constitute a consortium of five top Iranian universities with the approach of joint international collaboration. During this time, with the collaboration of the five universities in the Erasmus Project which led to the exchange of students and professors in the international level, these universities participated in international fairs and held three congresses of internationalization of higher education. Also, the first Sports Olympiad of international students was held with the collaboration of these member universities.
At the end of the meeting, Dr. Enayatollah Shabani from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Seyed Ahmad Ahmadi from Iran University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Naebi from Sharif University of Technology, Mr. Abdolmajid Eskandari from Tehran University and Ms. Zohreh Dehghani from AUT were introduced as the leaders of international association of the cconsortium member universities and were praised.