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Removal of Air Pollutants Under Visible Light Radiation Without Producing Harmful By-Products

 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
AUT researchers, during the implementation of a master's degree project, managed to remove NO and NO2 pollutants through synthesizing photocatalytic substances under environmental conditions without producing a harmful by-product. Ms. Marzieh Modarres, a master’s graduate of Chemical Engineering, in Environment specialty said: in this study, modified ZnO nanocomposites were successfully synthetized with CdS by wet chemical synthesis and were examined as a film coating on the surface to remove NOx under the radiation of visible light. Implementation of this project will eliminate more than 60 precent of NOx in the air without producing a harmful by-product.
According to her, this method can be used in Department of Environment, Ministry of Energy and Municipality to eliminate air pollution. This study was supervised by Dr. Bahram Nasernejad, faculty member of AUT and Dr. Somayeh Alijani, faculty member of Niroo Research Institute. This project has jointly been implemented between AUT and Niroo Research Institute with sponsorship of Niroo Research Institute.