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Identifying the Brain Damage Mechanisms by Presenting a New Model

 | Post date: 2021/09/1 | 
AUT researchers succeeded in providing a structural model for the brainstem that can be useful in understanding the mechanisms of brain damage. Faezeh Eskandari, a Ph.D. graduate of AUT, explained that the purpose of the study was to determine the microstructural origin of differences in the behavior of traumatized brain tissue and normal brain tissue.
While introducing the aspects of the project, Eskandari said: "One of the important distinguishing features of this research is the demonstration of the differences between mechanical and microstructural behavior of the brain and other soft tissues of the body." Biomechanical studies of the brain lead to developing diagnostic techniques, improve surgical education systems and surgical assist robots, and design head protection equipment.
Dr. Mehdi Shafieian, a faculty member of the department of Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Mohammad Mohammadi Aghdam of the department of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Kaveh Laksari from the University of Arizona, USA, were the project supervisors. Five articles on the results of this study were published in prestigious ISI journals and presented at three international conferences at home and abroad.