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Introduction of Visible Light Curing Systems for 3D Resin Printing

 | Post date: 2021/09/4 | 
AUT researchers achieved a new formulation that can be baked with visible light and is environmentally friendly, free of toxins and any damage, and capable of using in dental implants, 3D printing, and surface coating.
Atefeh Nejadibrahim is a graduate of the Amirkabir University of Technology and the executor of the project "Lightning process of acrylate-epoxy system with light three-component primers containing nano pigments." Regarding this invention, she stated that they have successfully patented this in the country and can be used in the field of 3D printers in printing complex geometric shapes with high dimensional accuracy.
Dr. Morteza Ebrahimi is this project’s advisor and Professor Xavier Allons from Haut Alsace University in France was the sabbatical professor on this project.
It is worth mentioning that two ISI papers with an impact factor of 3.6 and 4.2 were published and a patent resulted from this research. In addition, the results of the project were presented at the ESPS International Conference in France and other conferences.