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A New Way to Recognize Cancer Progression

 | Post date: 2021/09/4 | 
AUT researchers succeeded in finding a new way for a deeper understanding of cancer progression and the role of mechanical factors in the progression of the disease. It seems that the results of this method will be used in the future to design cancer treatments.
Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabai is a graduate of the Amirkabir University of Technology and the lead author of the "Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Cells in Cancer Invasion." Based on extensive studies in the field, Tabatabai believes that these physical characteristics can serve as biomarkers in diagnosing cancer or determining its progress degree. Mechanical properties (protein/cell/tissue) and physical characteristics (size, shape, spatial arrangement of components, etc.) are the most important of biomarkers. Tabatabai said that the results of this study provide a deeper understanding of the progression of cancer and the role of mechanical factors in its progression.
He added that researchers can use these results in designing treatment methods for cancer patients in the future.
The supervisors of this project were faculty members of the Amirkabir University of Technology, Dr. Mohammad Tafozli Shadpour and Dr. Mehdi Bostan Shirin.