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Third Round of AUT Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Student Lecture Series (AAISS)

 | Post date: 2021/09/4 | 
The AUT Scientific Association of Computer Engineering holds a series of lectures on data science and artificial intelligence for students, including presentations and workshops. Workshops will be held from 25th to 29th of August and presentations will be held from 31st of August to 3rd of September.
This event includes 19 presentations and 11 workshops. The professors and speakers have been invited from the top universities of Iran such as Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Sharif University of Technology, and foreign universities such as MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, NUS, and USC.
To inform the participants about the latest developments in data science and artificial intelligence, we have invited Iranian researchers working in prominent foreign companies such as Google and Facebook to participate in this event.
For registration please refer to:  https://aaiss.ce.aut.ac.ir.