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Manufacturing and Development of Comprehensive Software for 3D Printer Optimization

 | Post date: 2021/10/20 | 
Researchers at the Amirkabir University of Technology succeeded in building and developing comprehensive software for 3D printer optimization. Dr. Mehdi Kazemi, an Amirkabir University of Technology graduate and project manager, stated that “A software (CAOFO) was developed through this project that can reduce both the cost and time of manufacturing 3D printers while improving the quality of the manufactured parts. The CAOFO software capabilities can be used for both single and mass production so that both small and large industries can take advantage of it. We are currently studying the modeling of the amount of energy received for the mask stereolithography process which is among the innovations of this dissertation.
Dr. Abdolreza Rahimi, an Amirkabir University of Technology faculty member, is the supervising professor of this project.