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The Momentous Presence of AUT in ISC Thematic Ranking

 | Post date: 2021/10/20 | 
The Amirkabir University of Technology ranked 35th in industrial biotechnology engineering, 69th in mechanical engineering, 133rd in chemical engineering, and 149th in civil engineering according to the 2020 ISC ranking. The university also ranked 224th in biomedical engineering, 246th in mathematics, 251st-300th in the field of engineering and technology, and 301st-350th in the field of computer science and information.
The Amirkabir University of Technology also ranked 229th in environmental engineering and 301st-350st in other engineering and technology disciplines. The university ranked 251st-300th in material engineering, 401st-450th in chemistry, and 501st-600th in environmental sciences. The university also ranked 601st-700th in the field of natural sciences (math, computer and data science, chemistry, geology, astrology and physics, relevant ecological sciences, biology, and other natural sciences).