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Office of the President

 | Post date: 2019/05/8 | 
According to its strategies, vision and mission and as the pioneer of industrial universities of the country, Amirkabir University of Technology utilizes various time-sensitive tools to have ongoing and effective communication with its contacts and clients. The Directorate General of Administration structurally is under the direct supervision of the president, and the Director General of the Office of the President is also the advisor to the president. One of the methods of communication with the president of the university is the Presidential Office.
Some of the activities of the Director General of the Office of the President are as follows: coordinating and supervising the performance of related units; supervising the management of the schedule of appointments of the president of the university; communicating orders to the individuals and subsidiaries and following them up, coordinating the meetings of the Board of Directors and the University Council and communicating and following up the decisions taken by the relevant units; carrying out the necessary actions in case of any incidents, and coordinating with the operating units in such situations, drafting letters and sentences issued by the president and units of presidency, the secretariat of the Board of Trustees, the secretariat of the executive board of recruiting, the appeals office, the public relations office, the law office and the selection and administration office of the university
Director General: Dr. Mohammad Javad Ameri Shahrabi
Telephone: (+9821) 64542205, 66959148
E-mail: ameriaut.ac.ir
Public Relations website of Amirkabir University of Technology (http://pr.aut.ac.ir/)