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Academic Calendar (Undergraduate) 2021-2022

 | Post date: 2021/10/25 | 
Academic Calendar (Undergraduate) 2021-2022
Academic Calendar - Fall 2021 (Undergraduate)
Registration Sat and Sun September 11 and 12
Classes Start Sat September 18
Add/Drop (1st Week) Tues and Wed September 21 and 22
Warnings Correction (3rd Week) Sat and Sun October 3 and 4 
Course Withdrawal (15th Week) Sat and Sun December 25 and 26
Evaluation (15th and 16th Week) Mon December 27 to Fri January 7 
Last Week of Classes (16th Week) Sat January 1 to Wed January 5
Finals (17th and 18th Week) Sat January 8 to Thurs January 20

Academic Calendar - Spring 2022 (Undergraduate)
Registration Tues and Wed February 1 and 2
Classes Start Sat February 5
Add/Drop (1st Week) Mon and Tues February 7 and 8
Warnings Correction (3rd Week) Tues and Wed February 22 and 23
Course Withdrawal (15th Week) Sat and Sun May 28 and 29
Evaluation (15th and 16th Week) Mon May 30 to Fri June 10
Last Week of Classes (16th Week) Sat June 4 to Wed June 8
Finals (17th and 18th Week) Sat June 11 to Thurs June 23