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Celebrating the Day of Fighting Golbal Narcissists at AUT

 | Post date: 2021/11/16 | 
The president of the representative office of the Supreme Leader at AUT said: Arrogance means defiance, infraction, and violating people’s rights, and it is also translated as hegemony in political culture. The Islamic Revolution is neither hegemonic nor submissive. Global arrogance is contrary to Islamic beliefs, which stand against arrogance. We have not and will not submit to hegemonic policies.
Also, an insightful assembly with the title of "Fighting Global Arrogance" was virtually held at the University of Amirkabir. Dr. Gholamhosein Rezvani, a member of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, said at the assembly: "People of the world knew that the main culprit of the crimes that took place before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, such as severe repression, torture, and killings, was the USA and its partner UK."
Dr. Rezvani stated that the divine religions and divine prophets have always sought tranquility, comfort, and peace for people, and they always try to prevent war as much as possible and to solve problems through justice, guidance, and information. The foreign policy of Iran has been completely clear since the start of the Islamic Revolution, and our purpose is to have a good relationship with the rest of the world, but the United States has always wanted the downfall of the Islamic Republic.