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Considering the Function of Piles, Coastal Structures Construction, and Wind Turbines Foundations

 | Post date: 2021/11/16 | 
Researchers who work at AUT have presented a method that is used to study the performance of piles needed to support coastal walls and structures, or in other cases, the piles used in offshore coastal and wind turbines.
Anvar Farsghosshuni, a Ph.D. student in soil and foundation mechanics, Civil Engineering in AUT, said: The purpose of laboratory modeling is to analyze and compare various aspects of pile behavior such as pile lateral load, maximum pile anchor, and pile-soil system hardness, etc. for geometric sections and various modules of elasticity of piles under cyclic lateral load. The laboratory study is economically viable and the extensive parametric studies performed in a controlled environment, as well as the data used, provide a reliable database for design and numerical studies.
This project’s advisor, Dr. Seyyed Mohammadreza Imam, a faculty member of AUT in the field of building systems application, added: at high frequencies, meaning the number of high loaded cycles per second, this device can be used to measure the effects of earthquake loads, which usually have higher frequency.