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Modeling Financial Sustenance in Commercial Banks

 | Post date: 2021/11/17 | 
The researchers who work at AUT have accomplished modeling financial sustenance in Commercial banks to decrease financial risk with a new aspect in banks.
Hojjat Rezaisuufi, a Ph.D. student at AUT, stated: "The problem of managing financial risk in banks is one of the most important challenges that banks are facing. This research’s main addressees is the banking managers of the country who by adopting appropriate policies in each scenario, can take an approach to reduce damage from a shock.” By pointing out the competitive advantages of the program, he stated: "This program possess several advantages over other existing programs, which quantitative analysis and providing a precise amount for financial sustenance of banks is its most essential advantages." In addition, using accurate data and simulation models for different shocks, especially in the Corona Pandemic, is one of the most essential advantages of this design.
It should be mentioned that the advisor of this project was Dr. Akbar Esfahanipour, a faculty member of AUT.