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Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Syria and his Accompanying Delegation Visit AUT

 | Post date: 2021/11/17 | 
Dr. Basam Bashir Ebrahim, the minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Syria, Dr. Shafigh Deiub, the ambassador of Syria in Iran, Dr. Yassar Abedin, the chancellor of Damascus University, and the accompanying delegation visited AUT and the Technology Tower. AUT chancellor, Dr. Seyyed Hassan Ghodsipour, and the vice Chancellor of international affairs at AUT, Dr. Behrouz Arezoo, were present at this visit and assembly.
The chancellor of AUT stated: AUT has taken first place among the universities of Iran in terms of making a connection with research revenues and industry. At present, about 300 science-based companies are working in the technology tower of the university, and these companies have had good momentum in meeting the people’s needs.
The scientific and international cooperation’s director of AUT stated: AUT has planned a scholarship with the title of "Shahid Ghasem Soleimani" for 150 Syrian professors and students. Dr. Golrou added that this scholarship is planned on both professor and student levels, according to which twenty five professors at this university can carry on their study in the Ph.D. degree of AUT. Also, based on this scholarship, fifty Syrian professors will be given the chance to study at AUT. With this scholarship, three first-class bachelor’s degree students of Damascus University can study in five majors announced by Damascus University in the master's degree of AUT. AUT has offered a 50% tuition discount for male and female Syrian students.
Dr. Golrou added: AUT is planning to establish an office at Damascus University, and Damascus University is planning to establish an office at the AUT Development Center on Kish Island.
Bassam Bashir Ebrahim, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Arab Republic of Syria, stated: "Some of the Syrian students are studying at AUT, and a lot of them will be employed as faculty members after graduating from AUT."
The chancellor of Damascus University said: "We hope to use the experiences of AUT in establishing a science and technology park. We are also planning to establish a branch of AUT at the University of Damascus.” Yassar Abedin said: We are planning to use the potential and experiences of AUT for reconstructing and establishing laboratories in Damascus University.