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AUT’s scholarship titled "Shahid Ghasem Soleimani" is for 150 Syrian professors and students.

 | Post date: 2021/11/17 | 
Dr. Golrou, AUT’s director of Scientific and International Cooperation Centre, said: AUT has 527 faculty member and 10 of them have served as ministers. According to QS rankings our professors rank 17 in the world based on their number of citations.  This university has 24 Research Centers and 16 Centers of Excellence. We have made investments in the field of entrepreneurship and we are ready to share this experience with the universities of Syria. We are looking forward to admitting more Syrian students, too.
The scholarship mentioned is for 25 Syrian professors who would like to get the PhD at Amirkabir University of Technology. Based on this scholarship, 50 Syrian professors can take a sabbatical leave for AUT, as well.    
Dr. Golroo added that this scholarship is for 50 top students in the Syrian university entrance exam who would like to study their BSc degree at AUT. With this scholarship, three top bachelor’s degree students of Damascus University can study in five majors announced by their university in the master's degree at AUT. We also have plans to hold joint programs where students can study one year at Damascus University and their second year at Amirkabir University.
AUT has offered a 50% tuition discount for male and female Syrian students. Any Syrian student or professor interested in technology can seek education at our university.