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Accomplishment of AUT Researchers in a Knowledge-Based Company: Production of an Eco-Friendly Disinfecting Solution
Researchers of Amirkabir University of Technology in a knowledge-based company successfully produced an eco-friendly disinfection solution which is non-chemical and harmless.
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
AUT Researchers: Designing an Intellectual System for Estimation of Body Health from the Eyes
Sheida Mirlou, an MSc student in medical information engineering at AUT and the executer of the “designing an intellectual system for estimating the status of diseases from the eye image” project stated: examining the health of a body from the eyes is not a new subject. Our aim is to design an intellectual system to identify the arteriosclerosis disease in individuals using their eye images.
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
AUT Researchers: Production of Films from Silk Proteins for Making Bandages
Leila Hasani, a textile engineering MSc student, carry out a project in which medical products such as Band-Aids are produced using the film obtained from silk proteins. This product is compatible with skin and help the healing process.
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
Dr. Bahram Rezaei, AUT Faculty Member, Appointed a National Professor
Names of 16 prominent professors of universities and research institutes of our country were announced and among them is Dr. “Bahram Rezaei”, faculty member of the college of mining and metallurgy engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology in the mineral preparation field.
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
Realized by AUT Researchers; Modelling the Arm Bone to Facilitate Its Surgery and Reduce Medical Error
As the public relations of Amirkabir University of Technology has reported, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Abbasi Komaleh, an MSc graduate in Biomechanic-biomedical engineering and executer of the “Modelling the stabilization of the proximal fracture of arm by bolts and plates in surgical operations” project stated: our methodology in this project was through software modelling using the medical data.
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
Supporting and Pursuing Patients
Dr. Bahar Mazandarani, the CEO of Behzi, a science-based company which provides training services for patients, communications with physicians, and follow-up treatments stated: Behzi attempts to present the services of training, supporting, and monitoring of the patients to the treatment staff in an integrated way.
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
TÜBİTAK International Grant was Awarded to 4 AUT Professors and Researchers
As the public relations of Amirkabir University of Technology has reported, based on the call for common research plans between Iran and Turkey in June 2019 which led to reception of 164 joint research plans among Iranian and Turkish researchers, the Turkish TÜBİTAK international grant was awarded to Saeedeh Sarabadani Tafreshi, the faculty member of the college of chemistry; Mohammadreza Khodabakhsh, the post-doctoral researcher at the college of materials and metallurgy engineering; Davood Haghshenas Fatmeh Sari, faculty member of the college of materials and metallurgy engineering; and Hesam Makki, faculty member of the college of polymer and color engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology.
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
In Laboratory Scale:  Construction of Vessels with Short Diameter by AUT Researchers
Farid Tund Nevis, Ph.D. student of medical engineering in Amirkabir University of Technology (Polytechnic of Tehran), said about his project under the title of ''Construction and characterization of gelatin polyurethane nanostructure scaffolding of carbon nanotubes for use in vascular tissue engineering'', '' in this project, we have been able to design the replacement of vessel which is similar to the arterial vascular structure of the body.
 | Post date: 2020/06/15 | 
Development of Molecular Kit of Corona Capable of Diagnosis in 55 Minutes by AUT Researchers
According to Amirkabir University of Technology, Amir Abbas Esmaeilzadeh, the manager of  '' Salamat Yar Behesht Dayan'' knowledge-based company said, '' this company has started its activity concerning cancer diagnosis and treatment since 2008. With continuous studies, we have been able to design a molecular kit with the method of real-time PCR which can identify the virus in the patient's mucus with the least time and the least amount of virus''.
 | Post date: 2020/06/15 | 
Development of a Disinfecting Ozonizer Device by AUT Researchers
In the current condition of the country and the importance of disinfecting dangerous places, "Share Faraaz Paydar" a knowledge-based company located in the technology tower of Amirkabir University of Technology under the management of Dr. Fariborz Rashidi with over ten years of experience in the area of plasma related technologies in oil, gas, petro chemistry and HSE has shifted its focus on ''Ozonizer and disinfectants'' in order to play its role in helping the country against coronavirus outbreak.
 | Post date: 2020/06/15 | 
Speckle Noise Reduction with Statistical Modeling with Application in Medicine Implemented by AUT Researchers
Morteza Ariyan a MSc graduate of computer engineering, artificial intelligence and the executor of “the reduction of image speckle noise using statistical modeling of the Shearlet conversion coefficients” said, ''in this project, we have specifically investigated the improvement of a specific type of these disorders (speckle noise)''.
 | Post date: 2020/06/15 | 
Production of a Health Status Monitoring Device by AUT Researchers
According to the AUT’s public relations, “MPAVA” group as one of the leading knowledge based companies in the field of designing and manufacturing of devices for monitoring health and condition, has come to aid the people in these crucial days of COVID19 epidemic and has unveiled Finger Pulse Oximeter under the commercial name of “PO-MED19”.
 | Post date: 2020/05/8 | 
The President Unveiled 28 Knowledge-Based Products of AUT in the Battle against Corona via Video Conference
Knowledge-based companies' products were unveiled by the president in a video conference and 28 products of the Amirkabir University of Technology were introduced in this ceremony too.
Dr. Hosseini Toodeshki, the deputy of research and technology of the Amirkabir University of Technology noted:" some of the knowledge-based companies of this university have started to produce hand and surface disinfectant products during the Coronavirus outbreak. Products of these companies are nano-silver-based, and no alcohol has been used in their production. The production of bag valve mask with nano-filter of one the university's knowledge-based companies has been multiplied by 30 times in coronavirus outbreak, and this company produces 30 thousand masks a day."
 | Post date: 2020/05/8 | 
The Antibacterial and Antiviral Disinfectant Solution Produced and Marketed by One of AUT’s Knowledge-Based Companies
One of the knowledge-based companies of Amirkabir University of Technology which is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical equipment products has produced antibacterial and antiviral disinfectants using nanotechnology and has offered it to market.
 | Post date: 2020/05/8 | 
Continuous Wastewater Treatment Using Textiles by AUT Researchers
Textile industry effluent is one of the most contaminated industrial wastewaters, which usually contains a great number of dyes and chemicals. The presence of such substances in water will not only pollute the environment but also change the living ecosystem of the earth.
 | Post date: 2020/05/8 | 
Production of Intelligent Control Systems for Cooling and Heating Facilities Monitoring by a Knowledge-Based Company in AUT’s Tech Tower
According to the Amirkabir University of Technology’s public relations Touraj Bathaei, chairman of the board of “Pishrun energy”, a knowledge-based company and the manufacturer of the intelligent control system for cooling, heating, and air conditioning facilities constant monitoring, said about their products: "This company has various departments in Research and Development (R&D), online monitoring, Monitoring and Verification (M&V) and executive with active agencies throughout the whole country.
 | Post date: 2020/05/8 | 
Saltwater Desalination by Capacitive Deionization Method by AUT Researchers
According to public relations of Amirkabir University of Technology, Mohammad Mehdi Kazemzadeh, an MSc chemical engineering student in process separation branch and the executor of “surface absorbance improvement of Carbone composite to be used in water desalination” project said:" We have been able to execute this method one step further than laboratory schemes and to complete saltwater desalination.
 | Post date: 2020/05/8 | 
AUT Researchers Developed Lithium-Rich Cathodes to Make High-Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries
According to the public relations of AUT, Mohadeseh Rastgoo Deilami, a graduate of Applied Chemistry and principal investigator of “Preparation and review of lithium-rich cathodes based on LiNiMnCo and metal oxide coatings for use in lithium-ion batteries" project, said: due to global warming and melting of polar ice caps following the overuse of fossil fuels and the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, it is important to consider the emergence of new methods and systems for generating and storing more electricity. Fortunately, lithium-rich cathodes and their lithium-ion batteries have been successfully developed on a laboratory scale at AUT with this project.
 | Post date: 2020/04/11 | 
Production of Smart Thermal Textiles by Researchers of Amirkabir University of Technology
According to the public relations of AUT, Arash Nazem Bushehri, the project manager of "Smart Thermal Textiles" at Amirkabir University of Technology, said: "The purpose of this project has been to make a fabric that can create heat in cold climates."
 | Post date: 2020/04/11 | 
Achieved by AUT Researchers: Using Wind Energy for Passages Lighting/ Taken from Simulated Airplane Wing
According to public relation of the Amirkabir University of Technology: Amirarsalan Rouzbeh the presenter of the project entitled “Production of a piezoelectric tissueless layer capable of converting air blown energy into electrical energy” said: “In this project we studied piezoelectric characteristic with the use of produced voltage due to wind blowing in PVDF nanotexture layer”.
 | Post date: 2020/03/14 | 
Effort to Produce Conductive Textiles by Amirkabir University of Technology Researchers
According to Public Relations of the Amirkabir University of Technology, Bahareh Moazenchi, PhD in Textile Engineering, Department of Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, and the presenter of the project entitled “Rapid completion of the polyester textile by local synthesis with metallic nanoparticles to produce electrical conductivity” said: “This project which is designed to produce conductive textiles is completed at laboratory stage”.
 | Post date: 2020/03/14 | 
By Amirkabir University of Technology Researchers: A Novel Design of Plates for Stabilizing Jaw to Fix Surgical Problems
Amirkabir University of technology researches are trying to develop a solution for post-surgical issues of lower jaw by design and developing a new type of stabilizing plates for jaw and introducing Nitinol alloy as a biomaterial alternative for titanium alloy. 
 | Post date: 2020/03/14 | 
Ariana Energy Company Successfully Makes Drilling Aid at Amirkabir University of Technology
Ariana Energy Company, located at the Technology Tower of Amirkabir University of Technology, has succeeded in laboratory production of drilling aid of fluid filtration controller that they say is used in addition to the petroleum industry in other fields such as the food and cosmetics industries.
 | Post date: 2020/03/2 | 
Fabrication of Carbon Nano-Spheres at AUT for Use in the Pharmaceutical and Catalyst Industries
The researchers at the Amirkabir University of Technology have obtained a new method of making carbon Nano-Spheres for use in catalyst base production and intelligent drug delivery.
 | Post date: 2020/02/15 | 
 Starting to Build the Amirkabir Sensing Satellite with One-Meter Accuracy
 The president of Amirkabir University of Technology announced the signing of a contract with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to design and build the second satellite of the university, he said:
According to the agreement, a one-meter precision satellite is to be designed and built by researchers at the university and its initial credits being considered.
 | Post date: 2020/02/1 | 
Meeting of Mining Experts at the Amirkabir University of Technolog
Vice-Chancellor for Research at Amirkabir University of Technology, stating that the university's policy is to engage effectively with various industries in the country, said: “R&D Offices and technology and innovation centers of some industries and banks have been set up at the university."
 | Post date: 2020/02/1 | 
AUT Professor Honored by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development
Dr. Fereydoun Moghaddasnejad, a faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology, was honored by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development for his scientific and research cooperation with the Road and Transportation Organization.
 | Post date: 2020/01/20 | 
AUT Researchers: Use Environmentally Friendly Coatings to Produce Flame Retardant Leather
Researchers at Amirkabir University of Technology are seeking to produce leather that will delay flare by using environmentally friendly coatings.
 | Post date: 2020/01/20 | 
Amirkabir University of Technology Professor Received the Title of Associate Professor from the European Institute for Innovation Studies
Europe's Top Institute for Innovation Studies awarded the title of Associate Professor to Dr. Majidpour, a faculty member at Amirkabir University of Technology. According to Public Relations Department of Amirkabir University of Technology, the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Sussex University Business School in England awarded the title of Associate Professor to Dr. Mehdi Majidpour, a member of Amirkabir University of Technology.
 | Post date: 2020/01/11 | 
Chito-Tech Startup Receives Certificate For “Leading Providers of Wound Care Solution- Western Asia” From Global Health and Pharma (GHP)
Chito-tech startup which is managed by Dr. Salahshoor Kordestani, a member of AUT’s dean, has spent years working on bandages with advanced healing abilities, hemostasis capabilities and antiseptic solutions based on silver Nano colloid technology.
 | Post date: 2020/01/8 | 
Success of New Technology Research Institute Robotics Teams in the 7th International Robotics and Mechatronics Conference (ICROM2019) - Sharif University of Technology
Robotics student teams from the Research Institute of New Technology participated in the Student Creativity Competition at the 7th International Robotics and Mechatronics Conference (ICROM2019) this year at the Sharif University of Technology in November and received the first, third and fifth place.
 | Post date: 2019/12/16 | 
Manufacturing of Artificial Veins Using Nano-Structures Similar to Natural Veins to Replace Clogged Arteries
A team of researchers in AUT have utilized Polyurethane medical grids and carbon nanotubes to make artificial veins so lifelike that they can be used to replace clogged arteries.
 | Post date: 2019/09/22 | 
Designing a system to use imagery information

Researchers at Amirkabir university of technology succeeded in designing a system for the use of visual information in the recognition of audio and video speech recognition.

 | Post date: 2019/06/11 | 
Amirkabir University of Technology 1st rank in Int’l Patent Registration

according to the patent center report "Amirkabir university of technology is the first rank of patent submit and registration" .According to an ISCA report, with registering 22 confirmed patents, Amirkabir University of Technology could gain 207 point and rank 1st based on Iran Patent Center report. Sharif University of Technology (79 point) and Tarbiat Modares University (69 point) took 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

 | Post date: 2019/06/11 | 
Introduction of new way for producing clean fuel
The researchers of chemistry engineering faculty of Amirkabir university of technology represented a new method for describe the behavior of the fluid in  the collision flux reactor . gasoline is containing sulfur compounds such as thioufen .when the ingredients burn in car engines, they introduce sulfur oxides so that it exacerbate the greenhouse phenomenon and global warming.  one of the researchers said we use the process for decreasing the sulfur compounds like thiouphen. 
 | Post date: 2019/06/11 |