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Three-Minute National Book Competition
The Amirkabir University of Technology hosted a three-minute national book competition to promote reading culture on Tuesday, June 10th.
 | Post date: 2022/06/14 | 
Winning the Alborz Cultural Foundation Prize
The Alborz Cultural Foundation prize was given to a postdoctoral researcher and two students from the AUT (Hamed Shooshtari, Arash Qazitabar, and Hossein Moradi Moqadam).
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Thin Film Nanocomposite Membranes International Seminar
The Thin Film Nanocomposite Membranes International Seminar was conducted at the Amirkabir University of Technology in partnership with the Mustafa P. Science and Technology Foundation.

 | Post date: 2022/06/14 | 
17th Mining National Conference
On June 1, the Amirkabir University of Technology conducted the 17th National Mining Day Conference.

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The 6th Artificial Intelligence Competition
On Wednesday, May 9th, the sixth series of the Artificial Intelligence Competition was conducted at the Amirkabir University of Technology.

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30th International Electrical Engineering Conference
The 30th international electrical engineering conference started on May 6th at the Amirkabir University of Technology with a message from the Science Minister and lasted three days.
 | Post date: 2022/06/14 | 
Fifth Place in Mathematical Association Competition
Dr. Omid Naqshineh an AUT faculty member in the department of Mathematics was the director of the university’s team in the Mathematics Association's forty-fourth competition.
 | Post date: 2022/06/14 | 
Members of ‘Amirkabir University of Technology Museum’ Committee Visit ‘Iranian National Museum of Sports’
A number of ‘Amirkabir University of Technology Museum’ committee members visited ‘Iranian National Museum of Sports’ in ‘National Olympics Committee’ on Thursday March 15,2022...
 | Post date: 2022/05/1 | 
The National Event of Designing Flying Cars at AUT
This course of competitions is held in two phases: in the first phase, the conceptual designing of the vehicle is done by the contestants. In the second phase, ideas that were chosen in the first phase ...
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The Fourth Minetech Specialized Accelerator Invitation for New Ideas
The fourth Minetech specialized accelerator invitation is open to suggest new ideas and technological designs in the fields of:
 | Post date: 2022/03/8 | 
Specialized Workshop for "Self-Improvement" in Jan. & Feb.
A Winter camp of skill and employment in AUT is a primary step in the path of turning into a professional from the "soft skill" point of view. During this event, a series of workshops focused on "self-improvement" and "soft skills development" will be held from the 27th of January until the 25th of February.
 | Post date: 2022/02/14 | 
The Fourth Health, Detergents and Cellulose Products Ideas Bazaar
According to the public relations of AUT Idea Bazaar Technology Exchange Center, the fourth event of health, cosmetics, detergent, and cellulose products will be held in February 2022.
 | Post date: 2022/01/10 | 
Physical Asset Management Course
Takapoo Business School, with the participation of the University of Toronto, Canada, and the Physical Asset Management Award, as well as with the support of Pemco Company and Ariana Industrial Research Group, is holding the first specialized training course for consultants in the field of physical asset management in Iran for 10 days.
 | Post date: 2022/01/10 | 
Fifth National Conference on Particle Accelerators and its Applications
The 5th National Conference on Particle Accelerators and its Applications was held at AUT with the participation of domestic and foreign speakers.
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The Second International Conference on Rheology at AUT
The second international conference on rheology was held online on December 14th and 15th with the participation of more than 20 foreign and domestic professors in collaboration with the Faculty of Polymer and Color Engineering at AUT.
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Closing Ceremony of the 36th National Student Quran Festival
The closing ceremony of the 36th National Quran Festival for students from all over the country was held on Tuesday, December 28, 2021.
 | Post date: 2022/01/10 | 
37 Selected Exemplary Researchers of AUT
The appreciation ceremony for 37 exemplary researchers of AUT was held in the presence of Dr. Hassan Ghodsipour, AUT chancellor, and the university officials.
 | Post date: 2022/01/10 | 
Top Demand-Oriented Dissertation
The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology selected the dissertation of Dr. Morteza Asemani, a doctoral student, entitled "Application of spectroscopy and pyrolysis of asphaltene samples in oil-oil adaptation and geochemical studies of the reservoir" from the department of petroleum engineering, as the selected demand-oriented dissertation during the research week.
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Development in Aviation Industry Technology National Competition
AUT Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) team was introduced as one of the top teams in “The National Competition of Development in Aviation Industry Technology ".
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AUT in The Research Week Exhibition
The second exhibition of research, technology, and technology market achievements was held from 14 to 17th of December in Tehran, in which AUT presented the latest research and technological achievements of 6 knowledge-based companies and 18 research and technology projects of the university's departments and research centers.
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