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Honoring AUT
AUT's Olympiad participants were honored in a ceremony in the presence of university officials and the president of the National Elites Foundation of Tehran. During the ceremony, Iman Sharifi Ph.D., director of AUT's Honors and Olympiads Office stated: We intend to revive the university's Elite Productivity Office which is directly connected to the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, providing services to students and faculty members without any intermediaries
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
Employees Swimming and Student Handball Competitions
The university's Government Employees swimming team – men's division took the 4th place in Tehran's Government and State Organization Employees competition.
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
30th Student Book of the Year Festival
Students of all majors and grades can send their works to the festival's secretariat in unlimited volumes and in six main categories including "technical and engineering", "science", "humanities", "agriculture and natural resources", "medical and veterinary sciences", "art and architecture" in the two "special" and "international" categories.
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"Shahid Ahmadi Roshan" Grant’s Top 3 Projects
In the 6th round of "Shahid Ahmadi Roshan" Grant, three projects from Amirkabir University of Technology managed to land top rankings including: "The Use of Electroactive Materials in Designing and Constructing Sensors and Lightweight Wearable Flexible Electrical Generators" supervised by Doctor Maryam Yusefzadeh from the department of Textile Engineering,
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
Staff Swimming Team Wins the Government Competition
The Government Female Employees Swimming Competition hosted by Homa swimming pool was held on February 13th with 9 participating teams. In the individual 50 meters freestyle match, Ms. Zahra Mirakhori won the 1st place and in the individual 25 meters freestyle match, Ms. Marziyeh Baeedfar won the 3rd place.
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
The 37th "Quran and Ahl al-Bayt" Forum for Students
The 37th National Quran and Etrat Festival for university students will be held in 10 categories and 40 fields.
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
Bronze Medal at the Judo Competitions
Judo practitioners (Judokas) of Amirkabir University of Technology took the 6th place among 40 universities by taking a bronze medal home and earning two 5th places during the competition.
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
The Upcoming "Gaming Boot Camp"
Gaming Boot Camp will be held for the first time in the island of Kish in partnership with the National Foundation for Computer Games (NFCG).
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
Ping-pong Championship
The university staff ping-pong team – men's division became the champion in the sports competition for professors and staff members of universities of Iran's first district.
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
The Asian Bronze Medalist in Ice Climbing
Mohammadreza Safdarian, a student of Amirkabir University of Technology and a member of Iran's national ice climbing team, won the Asian Bronze medal in the Speed class in the Asian Championship held in Cheongsung, South Korea.
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
The 7th "AUT Talk"
The 7th AUT Talk event was held by the student scientific associations of AUT with the attendance of the knowledge-based company "Sarv Oil and Gas" and the key-speaker of the event, Mr. Amirhouman Karimi, the successful entrepreneur and current CEO of this company.
 | Post date: 2023/03/5 | 
The 12th International Conference of Acoustics and Vibrations
The 12th international conference of acoustics and vibrations was held at AUT on December 14 and 15th. 109 articles about acoustics and vibrations were presented.
 | Post date: 2023/01/11 | 
St. Petersburg Maritime Technical University
Members of St. Petersburg Maritime Technical University visited AUT and had a meeting with their Iranian counterparts. Both parties introduced their capacities and capabilities and the spheres they have considered for mutual collaboration. Also, the board of St. Petersburg visited the AUT Department of Marine Engineering, laboratories, and different parts of the department.
 | Post date: 2023/01/11 | 
AUT’s Top Laboratory Technician
Saeedeh Debirnia, instrumental analysis laboratory technician at the department of chemical engineering, has been chosen as the “Top technician” by the Laboratory Strategic Technologies Network of the Vice Presidency for Scientific and Technological Affairs.
 | Post date: 2023/01/11 | 
The 23rd Festival of Researchers, Technologists, and Innovators
Dr. Mehdi Majidpour, Associate Professor of the Amirkabir University of Technology has been chosen as “the Best Technologist of the Country” in the 23rd festival of honoring researchers, technologists, and innovators in 2022.
 | Post date: 2023/01/11 | 
Stochastic Seminar Series  Prof. Embrechts
 | Post date: 2022/11/21 | 
Virtual Reading Competition of “Hasht Behesht”
The national virtual reading competition of “Hasht Behesht”, based on the novel “Roots”, was held on Friday, September 23, 2022.
 | Post date: 2022/10/1 | 
Winner of the 21st Royan Festival
Dr. Iman Shabani, a faculty member of Biomedical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology, received the national award at the 21st International Royan Festival in the field of "Development of Bioactive Dopants to Design PANI-Based Conductive Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications".
 | Post date: 2022/10/1 | 
 Second National Skills Championship
Ali Ramezani, a student at Amirkabir University of Technology, won a silver medal in the second national skills championship among students at universities all across the country.
 | Post date: 2022/10/1 |