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Creating fields related to the needs of Hormozgan province in the comprehensive coastal maritime campus / Reviving the unused budget allocation for the campus
The acting head of AmirKabir University of Technology, emphasizing that the university has the capability to establish fields of study related to the needs of Hormozgan province, said: "This can be achieved by creating infrastructure and collaborating with the academic and research staff.
 | Post date: 2024/01/17 | 
The gathering of university scientific associations was held
The gathering of university scientific associations was held in the university's conference hall on Saturday, 9th of Dey month, 1402.
 | Post date: 2024/01/2 | 
9th AUT Talk Event
Mr. Ali Alizadeh, president of AUT’s Scientific Associations, stated this event was held and was well-received by the students, professors and company owners, and created a great opportunity for exchanging experiences and using the potential of investment and developing new ideas of the students by the CEO of global platform of innovation and technology Mr. Chan.
 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
Management, Science and Technology Department Launched the “Technology Management” Program for the First Time
AUT’s public relations: Dr Mehdi Majidpour, with the announcement of the news, stated that PhD courses for “Technology Management” in this department will start in fall, and students will be enrolled in this major by the September of the upcoming year.
 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
International Students Visit Ibn Sina Technology Tower
Amirkabir University public relations reported that 31 international students from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Nigeria, Senegal, and Pakistan had registered for this visit.
 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
The 2nd Gathering of Persian Language Centers of Iran’s Universities (AZFA)
According to AUT’s public relation, Dr Ahmad Pourghasem, as the president of Amirkabir University of Technology’s Language Center and the chairperson of AZFA meeting said “the second meeting of Persian language centers of Iran’s universities, was hosted by AUT on May24th.”
 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
6th Educational Internship (Co-op) Undegraduate Students
AUT public relations: Dr Seyyed Ehsan Mirsalehi, head of university’s Co-op program, said the 6th Educational Internship (Co-op) will be held in July 2023 for undergraduate students.
 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
Top Dissertations by AUT’s Mechanical Engineering Students
In the 31st gathering of Iran’s Mechanical Engineers two dissertations from the mechanical engineering department of AUT were chosen as top dissertations.
 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
2nd Startup Match in Payment Technologies
The second startup contest of Fastac with the subject of Payment Technologies (PayTech) will be held in June of 2023 by the endeavors of the Fast accelerator of Amirkabir University and the cooperation of Card FanAva Company.
 | Post date: 2023/05/7 | 
Ramadan Athletic Cup
Athletic competitions of the Ramadan Cup of dormitories were held in Table Tennis, Foosball, and chess at the athletic complex of the university. The chess competitions of Ramadan Cup, specific for girls’ dormitories students was held on the 17th of April with the presence of 8 students on the first floor of AUT’s sports complex.  
 | Post date: 2023/05/7 | 
The Third 3 minutes National Book Competitions
Participants must transfer the most important message and the main idea of the book or a piece of the intended book to the audience in their three-minute presentation.
 | Post date: 2023/05/7 | 
Multivariate Gaussian Random Fields: Statistical and Sample Path Properties
Date: 3 May 2023
Time: 17:00 GMT
Registration Link: https://intrel.aut.ac.ir/en/56-2/
 | Post date: 2023/05/6 | 
Third Fastac Startup Ideas for
Health technology research center will be holding the third Fastac competitions. The topics included are reducing the toxic effects of Teflon, using nano materials in Teflon
 | Post date: 2023/05/3 | 
Honoring AUT
AUT's Olympiad participants were honored in a ceremony in the presence of university officials and the president of the National Elites Foundation of Tehran. During the ceremony, Iman Sharifi Ph.D., director of AUT's Honors and Olympiads Office stated: We intend to revive the university's Elite Productivity Office which is directly connected to the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, providing services to students and faculty members without any intermediaries
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
Employees Swimming and Student Handball Competitions
The university's Government Employees swimming team – men's division took the 4th place in Tehran's Government and State Organization Employees competition.
 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
30th Student Book of the Year Festival
Students of all majors and grades can send their works to the festival's secretariat in unlimited volumes and in six main categories including "technical and engineering", "science", "humanities", "agriculture and natural resources", "medical and veterinary sciences", "art and architecture" in the two "special" and "international" categories.
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