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Holding the 28th International Conference of Mechanical Engineers Association of Iran
The twenty eighth international conference of the mechanical engineers association was held with the host of the department of mechanical engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology on May 27. Dr. Salman Nur Azar said, '' in this conference, 560 articles have been accepted from among 1100 articles sent from domestic researchers and Iranian researchers residing in Turkey and England''. 
 | Post date: 2020/06/15 | 
The Educational Webinar of “The Effect of Corona Epidemic on Business Environment” Will be Held in AUT
According to the Amirkabir University of Technology’s public relations, the educational webinar about “the effect of coronavirus epidemic on business environment” will be held by concentrating on business environment of small and growing companies with a focus on typical model of epidemic, curve leveling, current and future epidemic status, short-term and long-term economical consequences of COVID-19 in Iran and the world, consumer and market behavior alteration during and after this epidemic, impacts of epidemic consequences on small companies, possible scenarios in the field of business by presence of epidemic and programmable strategic actions.
 | Post date: 2020/05/8 | 
The 6th Conference on the Construction and Rebuilding of Power Plant Components Along with the 1st “Idea Power Plant”
In way of meeting the objectives of construction within the nation, reviewing the obstacles and problems, especially regarding power plant components and related industries, and providing supportive approaches, the 6th Conference on the Construction of Power Plant Components and Equipment will be held from Feb 25th until Feb 27th by the Iranian Association of Power Plants (ASNA) in collaboration with ...
 | Post date: 2020/02/15 | 
The 18th Conference of the Iranian Aerospace Society Commenced its Work with the Presence of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development
The 18th conference of the Iranian Aerospace Society began its work.
Dr. Alireza Jahangiriyan, the secretary of the 18th Iranian Aerospace Society Conference, said that: “After the secretariat announced the start of submission for papers, the conference received 300 full papers.” He further stated that: “After reviewing all these papers, 145 papers were selected for oral presentation and 97 papers were chosen for presentation as posters.
 | Post date: 2020/02/15 | 
The Third Scientific Student Competition in Materials Engineering and Metallurgy - MESCA at Amirkabir University of Technology
The third Scientific Student Competition for Materials Engineering and Metallurgy - MESCA - will be held at Amirkabir University of Technology in March.
 | Post date: 2020/01/20 | 
The 26th International Conference of the Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers Will be Held Next Year at AUT
Amirkabir University of Technology is hosting the 28th annual conference of the Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME 1) in June.
The 28th annual conference of the Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME۲۰۲۰) will be held in partnership with the Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers and hosted by the Amirkabir University of Technology in June.
 | Post date: 2020/01/11 | 
Conference: "A Thousand and One Nights Under the Sky"
"Thousand and One Nights Under the Sky" conference by the Physics and Energy Student Club will be held on Wed. January 8th in AUT Molana amphitheater.
 | Post date: 2020/01/5 | 
The 13th Startup Competitions Seminar
Expansion of the usage of technology in businesses improves the economy and the way goods and services are delivered. The free Startup Competition Seminar, which at each session deals with a new online business, this time is going to cover Online Health in the midst of “Sedayezende” Magazine in collaboration with KAHROBA.
 | Post date: 2019/08/5 | 
Specialized Conference Introducing Technical, Engineering and Basic Sciences AUT
The 14th major conference on "Introducing Engineering, Engineering and Basic Sciences" will be held at Amirkabir University of Technology to advise volunteers and familiarize them with academic fields as well as selecting the right and targeted field.
 | Post date: 2019/08/5 | 
The First International Conference on Iranian Rheology in December
The first Iranian International Rheology Conference will be held at the Polymer Research Center this year. The first session of the International Rheology Conference will be held by the Iranian Rheology Foundation in cooperation with the Faculty of Polymer Engineering of AUT, Polymer Science and Engineering Society, and the Polymer and Petrochemical Institute of Iran on December 26th and 27th of this year.
 | Post date: 2019/07/30 | 
Amirkabir Artificial Intelligence Summer Summit (AAISS)
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning, Deep Leraning and, Neurosciences. More information about Topics and Schedule coming soon...
 | Post date: 2019/07/22 | 
The 18th International Aerospace Conference
The department of aerospace engineering at AUT will hold the 18th international aerospace conference in February of next year.
 | Post date: 2019/07/20 | 
Railway Ideas Bazaar
The Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company in cooperation with the Ideas Bazaar Office of AUT, considering the urgent and vital necessities in the field of rail transport industry, is holding a startup pitch called "Ideas for ​​the Rail Transport Industry".
 | Post date: 2019/07/3 | 
Workshop on Innovation and Energy Sustainability
The Special Innovation and Energy Sustainability Workshop was held at AUT, with the presence of Professor Dora Marinova, Founder of Sustainability in Australia, on 8 and 9 of June this year
 | Post date: 2019/07/3 | 
The 5th International Bridge Conference
The 5th International Bridge Conference was held in AUT from December 17th to 18th. Dr. Farzad Hatami, the chair of this conference, said: after four successful international professional conferences on the subject of bridge, the fifth one will be held in AUT on the 17th and 18th of December with the support of various organs.
 | Post date: 2019/06/8 | 
Research Management Education Workshop Held in Berlin
Dr. Gharehpetian, an electrical engineering faculty member of AUT, organized a research management education workshop in Berlin.
 | Post date: 2019/06/8 |