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University Audit Office

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Members of the audit board of AUT:
Dr. Alireza Rahai – Head of the office (University President)
Dr. Mehdi Rafizadeh- Secretary of the Audit Office (Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs)
Dr. Ameri Shahrabi - (Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology)

Dr. Mohamad Amani (Professor, Faculty of Textile Engineering)
Dr. Arya Alasti, (Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineerin, Sharif University of Technology)  
Dr. Farshad Almasganj (Professor, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering)
Dr. Hamidreza Ovesy (Professor, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering)

Dr. Mohsen Bahrami (Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
Dr. Parviz Parvin (Professor, Faculty of Physics and Energy Engineering)
Dr. Ahmadreza Rabbani (Professor, Faculty of Petroluem Engineering)
Dr. Bahram Rezaei (Professor, Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy Engineering)
Dr. Alireza Rahaei (Professor, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Dr. Bahram Dabir (Professor, Faculty of Chemical Engineering)

Dr. Mehdi Dehghan (Professor, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science)
Dr. Alireza Salehi (Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology)
Dr. Reza Safabakhsh (Professor, Faculty of Computer Engineering and Information Technology)
Dr. Mohammadjafar Abdkhodaei (Professor, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology)

Dr. Abdolali Abdipour (Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Seyed Mohammadtaghi Fatemi Ghomi (Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Behrooz Karimi (Professor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management)

Dr. Farzad Mahboobi (Professor, Faculty of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering)
Dr. Naser Mohammadi (Professor, Faculty of Polymer and Color Engineering)
Dr. Fereydoon Moghaddasnejad (Professor, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
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