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The publication of the book "Fundamentals of Natural Fractured Reservoir Engineering"

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The publication of the book "Fundamentals of Natural Fractured Reservoir Engineering"
The book "Fundamentals of Natural Fractured Reservoir Engineering" has been compiled by Dr. Mohammad Sharifi and Dr. Mehdi Abbasi and has been published by AmirKabir University of Technology. Given the vast hydrocarbon resources in Iran, the optimal exploitation of these resources is a priority for our beloved country. The ultimate goal of writing this book is to present various methods for accurately describing the characteristics of a fractured reservoir and its proper management during the production period. Since the information obtained from the analysis of data from these reservoirs (both static and dynamic data) will have an impact on management decisions, this book emphasizes the analysis of existing data and their application.

This book has attempted to utilize the latest books, articles, and published information in the field of fractured reservoirs, as well as the teaching experiences of experienced professors in this field at major universities worldwide, and the content used in important international companies, and how to use the concepts of this field in the software available in this area.

Published by the Publishing Center of AmirKabir University of Technology.
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