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Conductive Scaffolds for Simultaneous Transmission of Electrical and Biochemical Signals to Cells

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The researchers of the Amirkabir University of Technology are conducting research on developing bioactive dopants to design conductive scaffolds based on polyaniline for tissue engineering applications to create new tissue scaffolds. Researchers in this project include Zohreh Darainejad, Hora Rezagholi, and Ramtin Tajuddin. The supervisor is Dr. Iman Shabani, an AUT faculty member.
Zohreh Darainejad said, “while working on this project, we tried to replace bioactive dopants to improve the biocompatibility of polyaniline. Conductive biomaterials based on modified polyaniline are functional in all Biomedical Engineering subcategories, such as tissue engineering, drug delivery, biosensors, and wound dressings. We will continue this project and focus on improving the properties of polyaniline to make it functional for different uses such as bone, nerve, skin tissue engineering, and etc.

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