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The Fourth Health, Detergents and Cellulose Products Ideas Bazaar

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According to the public relations of AUT Idea Bazaar Technology Exchange Center, the fourth event of health, cosmetics, detergent, and cellulose products will be held in February 2022.
Also, considering the experience of previous events and the importance of correct team building, in this event, by developing a team-building process, the required conditions for team building have been provided. Therefore, technologists, idea owners, and even companies can participate in the team-building process, attract teammates suitable for their needs and goals. Also, People with experience, skills, and interest in the fields covered by the event can register to join forces with the technology teams.
Those interested can refer to the event website at for more information, to submit a plan, to participate in the team-building process, to support the event, and to announce their readiness for investment. The deadline for sending the plan and participating in the team-building process is January 5, 2022.
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