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AUT Gets the Most Number of Industrial Contracts with Highest Budget

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According to the report of SATE system (executive system of demanding and supplying research and technology), AUT ranked first based on the budget of its industrial contracts and the volume of contracts saved in the mentioned system and ranked second based on the amount of money that it got paid among all universities in the country.
“This university has signed 401,000 contracts and received 470 million Iranian Rials from these industrial contracts via the aforementioned system; while the total money received from all AUT contracts in the 2020 year was 8590 billion Iranian Rials. According to this, this university ranked first with a great gap from other universities in the country” said Dr. Muhammad Ahmadi, Industry Relations Manager. According to the announcement of this system, AUT has supported 741 calls for industry relations (for professors) and 157 additional education theses in order to further the industrial contracts which have been announced in social media and on the website. 
He emphasized: these statistics are only related to the registered contracts and activities in SATE while based on the total statistics, the number of industrial contracts of this university are multiple times more than what is registered in SATE system.
Please refer to the address  (SATE system) for more information.
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