Amirkabir University of Technology- Vice Chancellor for Budget and Resource Planning
Vice Chancellor for Budget and Resource Planning

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Vice Chancellor for Budget and Resource Planning
Assistant Directorate of the University Resource Development and Management plays an important role in planning, steering, and managing the human, financial and capital resources of the university, and planning about and controlling the costs.
To sum up, it can be said that by carrying out its duties, this deputy smooths the way of achieving the educational, research and technology goals of the university. The most important tasks done in this deputy are:
Controlling and managing the human, finance and capital resources and assets of the university;
Planning, steering and controlling and supervising the implementation of all university’s administrative, supportive, financial, and developmental tasks, and university affairs in accordance with the laws and regulations;
Inspecting the executive goals of the University, and supervising the workflows and methods employed in different units to coordinate the activities of them in order to achieve the goals of the university;
Determining the proposed strategies to promote the desired situation by specifying the current status of the university through identification of the onward strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;
Cooperation with other deputies to participate better in the university initiatives;
Subsidiaries of this deputy include:
Program and Budget Management and Administrative Transformation,
Administrative Affairs and Support Management,
Finance Management,
Office of Technical Supervision of Construction Works,
Office of Legal Affairs,
Office of Publications,

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 Address: 6th Floor, Farabi Building, Amirkabir University of Technology, 424 Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran


Program and budget management and administrative transformation of Amirkabir University of Technology has diverse activities as the university’s think tank.
Measures such as planning for university funding and budgeting based on performance, training and empowering university staff and evaluating their performance, designing and updating university structure, and analyzing all occupations, are the activities undertaken in this management. In addition, this office is considered the official reference of university statistics, as well as receiving the employee’s suggestions and pursuing their implementation.
The most important tasks of this management are:
Annual Strategic planning and budgeting;
Designing and updating the university's organization structure and affairs;
Designing and updating the Employee Performance Evaluation System and developing related guidelines and procedures;
Designing and updating a comprehensive Staff Training System for developing the Employee Training;
Designing, updating and planning for Employee Suggestions System;
Planning and collaborating with internal and external units to provide statistical information of the university;

Collaborating with other sub-managerial departments for development and resource management, in order to provide appropriate services to university staff;

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Ehsan Hajizadeh



Human Resources Director Mohammad Norozi

Office Manager

Masoumeh Shahbazi




Budget Office Director

Fatemeh Moghani


Development Budgeting Specialist 

Hassan Baranizadeh


Cost Budgeting Specialist 

Solmaz Nikjoofard


Organizational Change Management Expert

Masoumeh Nasiri


Employee Training Specialist 



Planning Specialist 

Fatemeh Hojati Kermani


Statistics Specialist 

Minou Yari



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