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Vacuum and Sputtering Lab

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Vacuum and Sputtering Lab
Head: Dr. Farzad Mahboobi
Technician: Ms. Mojgan Falahati
Address: 1st floor, AUT Wellness Center, AUT
Telephone: +98(21)64545700
Introduction: The laboratory was established in 2014. This laboratory is equipped with a high-vacuum sputtering system, which includes sputtering processes, thermal evaporation and electric arc to create conductive coatings. In this laboratory, with the use of advanced laboratory equipment and expert skills, it is possible to create thin layers and single-layer, multilayer coatings of high quality for all researchers. In addition, the laboratory is prepared to provide training courses or advisory services as requested by researchers.

  • PDV Deposition

  • Sputter deposition

  • Ultrasonic Mixer

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