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MOU with the Aviation Industry Organization

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Cooperation in identifying and removing bottlenecks in the development of the aviation industry, conducting future research, strategic studies and guidelines required in the aviation industry, planning to play an active role in implementing the strategic plan of the aviation industry, supporting innovative ideas and knowledge-based companies active in the form of accompaniment and acceleration events are the roles of cooperation in this memorandum.
In this memorandum, support for the dissertations of graduate students of Amirkabir University of Technology in issues related to the subject of the memorandum has been considered.

The duration of this memorandum is 3 years from the time of its signing. AUT chancellor, stating that now a very good infrastructure has been provided in the country, added: knowledge-based companies, growth centers, science and technology parks and research institutes and universities are the country's infrastructure that can solve many of the country’s needs.
AUT’s Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology said: "The main priority of this university is purposeful and systematic attention to research activities.” Dr. Khajehfard, head of the Aviation Industry Organization and the accompanying delegation visited the university’s Technology Tower and the department of aerospace engineering.
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