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Universities’ Technologies Needs to Enter the Economic Cycle of the Country

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Dr. Seyed Hassan Ghodsipour during the appreciation ceremony of retired professors of the AUT’s department of electrical engineering said: “AUT has always used the power and potential of these honored members and now we plan to use the power and potential of retired professors in research processes, inventions, and innovations. Currently, the university's strategic plan is to move towards the fundamental issues the country is facing, for instance, in the field of artificial intelligence, we are ready to cooperate with more developed countries.
Dr. Hossein Askarian, head of School of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, also added at the ceremony: “A company has been established in this school, which connects students' dissertations to different industries so that we can use the scientific and research potentials of AUT to help industries and meet the needs of the community.”

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