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New Design for Low Salinity Water Injection Process in Oil Fields

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Researchers at AUT have developed an effective process for injecting water into oil fields to increase recovery.
Saeed Abbasi, a graduate of AUT, mentioned that recognizing the effective mechanisms in changing the characteristics of the porous medium can indirectly increase or decrease oil production from the field, he added: "One of the important goals in this project is to study this mechanism."
He also mentioned some features of the project as: “ the topic being new and up-to-date in the field of petroleum engineering, especially in increasing recovery from reservoirs, a simultaneous study of two mechanisms (one in line with the goals of the process and the other in opposition to process performance), creating high temperature and pressure conditions with great impact on dissolution and sedimentation mechanism performance, learning the appropriate and optimal composition of injected water and the effectiveness of water composition in activating the desired mechanisms.”
The supervisor of this project was Dr. Ehsan Khamechi, a faculty member of AUT.
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