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Reduction of Energy Use in the Floating System of the Train

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“We successfully designed a magnetic floating system in floating magnetic trains which increases the efficiency of the system and the speed of the train by deleting the friction between rails and train wheels” said Milad Jalali, a graduate of AUT and implementer of the project "Design of a controller for Maglev Hybrid Suspension Trains"
Earlier, an article about this subject was published in IEEE Energy Conversion magazine by Mr. Farhad Safaei. With an optimal performance, the control system of this project causes the stability and floatation of the train in a steady air distance of 8 millimeters that stays the same even with turbulence and weight changes caused by passengers’ boarding and disembarking.
“Intercity transportation systems with super high speeds is one of the most important applications of this project, in a way that the distanced between Tehran and Mashhad can be travelled in less than two hours.” he added, pointing to the applications of the project.
Dr. Amir Abolfazl Sooratgar and Dr. Mehrdad Abedi, faculty members of AUT, were the project advisors.
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