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Green Energy to Build New Supercapacitors

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The researchers of AUT have succeeded in using new active electrode material with good functional properties compared to batteries and capacitors for building supercapacitors.
Dr. Hadi Heidari, the executor of “the synthesis of hybrid systems based on molybdenum di sulfidic plates and examining their supercapacitor application” project said that “A lab-scale supercapacitor was built using new ternary nanocomposites and evaluated using an LED lamp with a voltage of 3V. The relevant device was charged under the density of 11 Ag for 100 seconds, and the LED light was tested using the supercapacitor for 38 minutes.”
The results related to this research are published in two articles in one of the best Q1 magazines in the field of energy (Journal of Energy Storage). The advising professors of this project were Dr. Majid Abdos and Dr. Saeedeh Mazinani, faculty members of AUT.
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