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Building a Tool for Transferring and Manipulating Cells

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Researchers in Amirkabir University of Technology have managed to build an ‘Electro thermal Micro gripper for Biological Applications’, which can be used for transferring and manipulating biological cells.  Dr. Mohammad Akbari, an AUT alumni and project executor explained that by using Metal MEMS technology, they have found a way to build micron-sized parts.
He added that all aspects of this project from designing to building and testing has been done in the technological labs of AUT. This system is applicable in medical fields, ICSI treatment, moving and tampering of cells, labs and smartification of industrial processes.
The supervisor of this project was Dr. Farshad Barazande who is a faculty member of AUT and Mr. Hamed Barati, an AUT graduate has been another designer of the project.

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