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Assessing the Impact-Induced Damage of Composite Constructions

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The impact-induced damage of composite structures was experimentally and quantitatively analyzed by investigators at the Amirkabir University of Technology using the acoustic emission technique.
'In polymer composites, impact generally occurs inside the material and does not have a major presence on the surface of the constructions,' said Milad Saeidifar, a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering.
The application of the Acoustic Emission technique to explore these impacts results in real-time monitoring capabilities throughout the composite construction operation and the ability to monitor a broad area of construction at once.
The supervisors of this project were Dr. Mehdi Ahmadi Najafabadi and Dr. Hossein Hosseini Todashki, Dr. Meysam Jalalvand (Assistant Professor of Engineering faculty at the University of Southampton, England), and Dr. Dimitrios Zarokhas (Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering faculty, Delft University of Technology).
Two publications from this research were published in the highly regarded journal "Composites Part B: Engineering," having an impact factor of 4.1.
These papers used complex signal processing and machine learning approaches to determine and classify BVID impacts in composite constructions employing the acoustic emission technique.

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