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Preventing Power Plant Damages

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 finding a better understanding of mechanisms leading to the creation of whirlpools and the methods to control them via studying the currents of surface level whirlpools. Maryam Azarpira, AUT graduate and a researcher of the project claimed:” The precise measurement of whirlpools in their formation phases in a controlled geometry using PIV and studying their phases, the analytical whirlpool model with fewer assumptions and knowledge of the effects of various factors, verification of the numerical model by having lab information, numerical modeling of the whirlpool via eulerian and lagrangian methods and the mining of large amounts of data with full details from the whirlpool and the development of it via changes in various parameters of the current such as the speed and the depth in the reservoir are some of the competitive merits of this project.”
Dr. Amirreza Zerati, a faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology is the advisor for this project.
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