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AUT Journal of Mathematics and Computing” is Indexed by ISC

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“AUT Journal of Mathematics and Computing”, under the supervision of AUT’s department of Mathematics and Computer Science, has received enough points to be indexed by Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC). This journal had just recently received a B rating from the Commission of Scientific Publications of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
AUT Journal of Mathematics and Computing was launched in 2018, publishing its first issue in 2019. Getting published every six months, the purpose of it is to provide a platform for researchers to publish their articles in the fields of mathematics and computer science under the supervision of editors that are among the best researchers inside and outside this country. All the articles sent to this magazine are in English, which are published after getting reviewed by experts in the field and once approved in terms of manuscript quality, innovation, clarity of the content and its suitability with the goals of the magazine.
This magazine’s other goal is to promote scientific progress and create opportunities for researchers to present their research ideas. Timeliness and open access publication is another important goal of this journal.
AUT congratulates Dr. Pourabbas the editor in chief and Dr. Mehdi Rostami the managing editor of this journal.

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