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Stimulant-Sensitive Biodegradable Drug Binders

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Mojdeh Baghbanbashi Ph.D., a graduate of Amirkabir University of Technology said: Sometimes, the medicine used to treat cancer and some other chronic diseases has irreversible effects on healthy body cells. In this research, we have made Polymeric binders with vesicle and micellar structures for the very first time based on Y-shaped branched amphiphilic polymers (also called Star-shaped Miktoarms) that are sensitive to internal bodily stimuli such as reactive oxygen compounds and glutathione. In fact, these binders are able to increase the effectivity of the medicine on the target tissue, while decreasing the side-effects on healthy cells and consequently owing to their target-based attribute, reducing the dose of the medicine received by the patient.
Gholamreza Pazouki, an associate professor at AUT, was the advisor of this project.

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