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Anti-bacterial Wound Dressing with Thyme

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Azin Rashidi Ahmadi, a graduate from Amirkabir University of Technology said: The country's increasing demand for wound dressings effective on various injuries inspired us to consider producing these dressings made from natural polymers and thyme extract with the potential to accelerate the healing process, especially with Iran being a leader in farming thyme plant.
Focusing on the project's benefits, she continued: Biocompatibility (without creating cytotoxicity), a complete healing of the wound within 21 days (by looking at the tests that have been done on animals and histological tests), maintaining the necessary moisture for the wound and a controlled and continuous release of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent (the thyme extract) in order to speed up the healing process are some of the benefits of this project.
Saeed Saber Samandari, a faculty member at AUT, was the advisor and Mr. Kavoos Razmjouei was a partner to this project.
This project has been carried through in the Composite Materials Research Laboratory (CRLab), a subdivision of AUT's New Technologies research institute.

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