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MOU between Science and Technology Park and Melli Bank

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AUT Science park is home to more than 240 technological entities with 100 of them having been registered as legally official companies, amongst which there are 52 knowledge-based companies located in AUT's Science and Technology Park that are operating in various fields, stated Saeed Farhang Fasihi, head of AUT's Science and Technology Park in the ceremony of signing the joint memorandum of understanding with Melli bank.
He added: There are 8 specialized innovation centers related to departments and 8 joint innovation centers with public and private sectors such as banks and big industries operating in Amirkabir University of Technology.
Shifting to one of the most formidable challenges facing the country, he continued: With the cooperation of Tehran's municipality, contracts have been signed with some of the active entities in the fields of mining, oil and gas, so that an institution will be established in the university solely assigned to the field of automation in order to define and manage projects that are related to this field of technology in different areas including research, education and business.

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