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AUT’s polymers and paints department active in the automotive industry

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The principle for the polymer and paint engineering campus at AUT said: considering the current situation the country is in we in our campus have focused on the automotive industry so as to play our role in domestication of technologies.
As reported by AUT’s public relation office Dr. Naser Mohammadi has said: AUT’s activities in polymers and paint dates back 45 years where back in 1975 research into this field had started which caused the first department of polymer engineering and paint in the country to be founded here in AUT. He added this campus partakes in educational, scientific and research activities in fields like rubber based industries, tissues, paint, plastics, resins and artificial covers.
 The principle for the polymer and paint engineering campus at AUT insisted: every member of the faculties active in these two fields in universities such as Tehran, Sharif, Tabriz Sahand and Isfahan industrial and other institutions related to this field have at some point graduated from AUT’s polymer engineering and paint department.
700 active students in the polymer engineering campus
Dr. Mohammadi stated: this campus has 700 students enrolled on different levels where 400 are studying at bachelors level,  200 are studying at masters level and 100 students are studying at postgraduate level.
26 faculty members active within the campus
The principle for the polymer and paint engineering campus at AUT claimed: this campus has 26 full time faculty members active in the three educational groups of polymer industries, paint industries and polymerization industries. Dr. Mohammadi stated the polymerization industries group is active in high end industries such as petrochemicals and the polymer and paint groups are active in lower end industries such as tire manufacturing and paint production.
He added: this campus’s educators generally teach from their own books for undergraduate students and use internationally recognized references and resources for graduate and post graduate students. Dr. Mohammadi also added that this campus publishes over 100 ISI articles annually and twice that number for conference articles.
The university’s initiative towards third generation activities
Dr. Mohammadi insisted that this campus is very active in research and having in mind the university’s aspirations of becoming a third generation university these activities are well aligned with this goal. He said the goal of this plan is to reduce the country’s dependancies utilizing our universities’ capabilities. He added, with this prospect every educator in this campus using their experience focuses on a specialty and within a year after research and cooperation with the related industries moves towards manufacturing a marketable product.
Dr. Mohammadi said that each education group is required to form focus groups enlisting the educators considering at least three different subjects each year. It is also planned that the camp-us as a whole focus on three different subjects therefore the faculty focus on 26 subjects, the educational groups on 9 subjects and the campus on three subjects which are reconfigurable if required.
The campus’s focus on the automotive industry
The principle for the polymer and paint engineering campus at AUT stated that considering the country’s current situation this campus is focused on the automotive industry so as to help domesticize the production of various parts. This campus is also active in health sciences, defense industries and petrochemicals. He insisted that in the field of petrochemicals this campus is responsible for the mega project of constructing Polyolefin production chain where phase 1 is complete and phase 2 is under construction. This project is considered a national project. He added some of the faculty is also active in anticorrosion industries. He stated that this campus with 26 faculty members and 700 elite students has aligned itself with the nation’s goal of lowering its dependencies.
Cooperation with the petroleum ministry
The principle for the polymer and paint engineering campus at AUT stated that the research project for the Polyolefin production chain has been signed with the petroleum ministry for 40 billion tomans. Dr. Mohammadi said we have in our plans to create an innovation center so student studying or seeking a vocation can have their talents utilized there, this project is currently seeking a physical location. It is predicted that we’ll assign one of the more active faculty members to helm the innovation center. In this case diligent alumni in different research stages at masters or post graduate level can spend 6 months to one year in this facility in order to turn their projects into industrial products. 
The principle for the polymer and paint engineering campus at AUT claimed some of the books published by our faculty members are considered to be reputable sources within the nation and they publish an average of 4 ISI articles each year. Research projects undertaken by our researchers at this campus are done with the goal of domesticating knowledge in fields like the automotive industries, paints and defense industries which have gained the interest of many people and organizations. He added that considering the current situation of the country universities have been able to play hugely significant role in meeting the country’s needs.
The principle for the polymer and paint engineering campus at AUT insisted that in regards to research this campus is in the top 5 campuses of the university.

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