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Improving Soil & Protecting Environment by Combining Soil & Rubber

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Dr. Davood Akbarimehr, an AUT graduate and project manager of "Study of Effects of Rubber Tires on Geotechnical Properties of Fine-Grained Soil" stated: "rubber tires have a long decay period and this study helps with their utilization in engineering while reducing their accumulation. We discovered that the use of rubber tires partially reduces soil subsidence. Moreover, by increasing the length to width ratio of the rubber and also increasing the size of them, resistance in the mixture increases. It is possible to use them for embankments behind retaining walls, road embankments, and bedrocks exposed to dynamic light loads as well as other related applications in geotechnical engineering (taking into account conditions & limitations).”
Advisors for this research were Dr. Esmail Aflaaki and Dr. Abolfazl Eslami, both Amirkabir University of Technology professors.
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