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Inventing a Practical Aviation & Railway Industries Device; Assessment of Steel & Aluminum Fatigue

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Researchers at AUT have succeeded in building a device that tests ultrasonic fatigue as well as high-cycle steel and aluminum fatigue and is used in aviation, railway and other industries.
Hadi Shokrbeigi, an AUT graduate and the project executer, stated in this regard: "ultrasonic fatigue testing is a practical method that enables the study of fatigue properties in very high cycles as well as vibrations with a resonant frequency of 20 to 30 kHz. In this study, the useful life of steel and aluminum parts at various stresses were obtained. It is also possible to calculate the useful life of titanium parts at various stress points (titanium is the most widely used metal in the aerospace industry).
Advisors of this project were Dr. Younes Alizadeh-Vaghaslou (Amirkabir University of Technology professor) and Dr. Rezvan Abedini (Iran University of Science and Technology professor).
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