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Possibility of Increasing Biological Lifespan of Heart Valves

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In order to treat heart disease and study chemically-stabilized pericardial tissues to build biological stent valves, researchers at AUT have made it possible to increase the lifespan of biological heart valves. Aysaa Rasooli, an Amirkabir University of Technology graduate and the project manager, said: "in this study, histological analysis was performed to examine the collagen structure of various tissues."
She added: “to determine the mechanical properties of tissues and evaluate their durability, various mechanical tests were conducted. The anisotropic and viscoelastic properties of the selected tissues were extracted utilizing suitable stem models. Among the features of this project, the following are noteworthy: the possibility of implementing this project for other biological organs; and establishing a connection between mechanical tests and histological analysis that were approved by each other in this project.
The supervisors of this project were Dr. Nasser Fatoorayee (an Amirkabir University of Technology Professor), as well as Dr. Robert Gideon and Dr. Xi Zheng.
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