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Invention of Novel Wound Dressings with Antimicrobial Characteristics via Green Chemistry

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Researchers from Amirkabir University of Technology successfully developed wound dressings with antimicrobial characteristics via a green chemistry approach. As these products possess transparency properties, the process of wound healing can be observed.
Kavous Razmjoui, an AUT graduate and the project manager for the "development of novel hydrogel wound dressings" project stated that the one main objective of this project was the elimination of the country’s need for importing wound dressings from foreign companies. The main features of this project include biocompatibility (non-cytotoxicity), keeping the wound moist, absorbing wound secretions, avoiding microorganisms from accessing the wound environment, providing antibacterial properties, and witnessing the wound healing mechanism without having to remove the wound cover due to its clarity.
Dr. Saeed Saber Samandari, a faculty member of AmirKabir University of Technology, is the project's supervisor, and Dr. Naghmeh Arabzadeh and Dr. Sara Ahmadi, postdoctoral researchers at AUT, are the project's collaborators. The design and the implementation of the project were performed at the New Technologies Research Institute of Amirkabir University of Technology.
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