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Reverse Engineering and the Development of Manufacturing and Repairing Method of the Latest Industrial and Aerial Gas Turbine Engine Components’

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A researcher at AUT collaborating with the Department of Laser Processing at the Malek Ashtar University of Technology succeeded in developing a laser metal deposition device to prepare the components of industrial and aerial engine turbine components. Masoud Alizadeh Shamsabadi, a Ph.D. graduate of material engineering and metallurgy and project manager, said “development of the equipment required for the laser metal deposition process through reverse engineering and integrating them was the prerequisite of this research.”
He mentioned the applications of this project and stated, “the results of the present research along with other studies conducted through laser metal deposition indicate the reliability of this process for manufacturing and repairing complex and sensitive parts in a variety of industries such as aerial industries, oil, gas, power plants, etc.”
According to this AUT graduate, this research has been conducted over four years as a doctoral dissertation. So far, three ISI articles have been published based on this research in reputable foreign journals and we hope that two more ISI articles will be accepted and published in the future. Published articles discuss microstructural changes, the impact of process variables on solidus cracking behavior, and experimental-statistical analysis of results.
It is worth mentioning that the supervising professors of this project were Dr. Seyed Pirooz Hoveida Marashi and Dr. Eslam Ranjbarnoudeh – AUTfaculty members, and the consulting professors were Dr. Reza Shoja Razavi, a faculty member at the Malek Ashtar University of Technology and Dr. Joe Pedro Oliveira of the University from Lisbon University, Portugal.
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