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Number 2 Technology Tower of AUT Opened

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The Innovation and Technology Center Number 2 of AUT (located at Dr. Hessabi Building) opened with the attendance of Sorena Sattari, Vice-president of Science and Technology, Dr. Seyyed Hassan Ghodsipour, chancellor of the university and Dr. Seyyed Reza Ghaffarian, Vice-chancellor of Research and Technology of AUT.
The second Technology Tower of AUT has been established on nine floors. Each floor has 200 square meter area, with a total area of 2,200 meters with 15 tech companies located in it.
Vice-chancellor of Technology and Research of Technology University of Amirkabir announced about producing 416 technological services and products by the innovation centers of the university and added: "Last year, the sales of our technological product was 165 billion Toman."
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