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Brackish Water Deionization with Innovative Graphene-based Electrodes

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Researchers who work at AUT have achieved deionizing brackish water with innovative graphene-based electrodes of higher quality. Sara Madani, a graduate of the university, with stating that, they did not use any additives or connectors in the supercapacitor, said: "The access to materials used in the electrolyte of systems is one of the advantages of this research." In the process of water deionization, this material in composition with materials such as carbon nanotube and activated carbon gave admissible results. The low gram of using the mentioned materials and their impact on such a small amount can have a great potential for commercializing these systems using a large size of graphene oxide.
The advisors of this project are Dr. Kavous Falamaki and Dr. Hamed Abutalebi, respectively, the faculty members of AUT, and the Institute for research on fundamental sciences.
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