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Use of Clay Minerals to Optimize the Dose of Antibiotics

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Nona Soleimanpour, a PhD student at AUT and the executer of "Preparing a biocompatible polymer based on clay minerals" project, said: "The formulation we provided in this project can also be used as a precursor to prepare antibiotic wound adhesives to treat infection and inflammation." She also said, "We hope the modified drug will help fight antibiotic resistance and cure infections in less time."
Ms. Soleimanpour said: "These studies were carried out in the chemistry laboratory of the department of mining engineering for three years and four articles from this project were published in prestigious foreign journals."
Dr. Amirreza Azadmehr was the supervisor of this project and Dr. Ardeshir Hezarkhani, one of AUT faculty members was its advisor.
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