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AUT Shined in the National Festival of Functional Research

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The research project belonging to Dr. Masood Shafie the professor of the electrical engineering department and Vahid Safari Dehnavi a Ph.D. student of Amirkabir University named “Engine’s condition continuous monitoring using wavelet theory and current frequency analysis” was chosen as the best design in the national festival of functional and question-based research. This is an innovative design in case of accumulating industry key data in petroleum, gasoline, petrochemical, steel industries and recognizing and predicting rotary engines fault which will result in autarky in this field in Iran.

Moreover, the design belonging to Dr. Qolamreza Pazooki associate professor, and Mahtab Moradi a Ph.D. student of chemical engineering department named “Empirical research and thermodynamic Chiral combinations segmentation modeling using Aqueous two-phase systems based on green solvent” was placed in top projects in this festival.
This is an innovative design in separating the Enantiomers of Chiral drugs using biocompatible, comparable, and cheap systems, which aids in providing and producing raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and consequently will result in self-sufficiency in the country.
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