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Biologically Printed Skin Transplant

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Scholars at Amirkabir University of Technology have successfully created a skin substitute made by biological printing that can be used for treating skin ailments.
This project was administrated by Dr. Mitra Asasdi Eivandi, a member of National Elite’s Foundation, post-doctorate researcher at Amirkabir University of Technology and chairwoman of Zist Negar Amirkabir Startup. She explained that the products of this study are ‘biologically printed skin substitutes’ as well as ‘Alginic-based bio essence’. The important features of this idea are: controllable degradation speed, nontoxicity, capability of administrating medication and nanoparticle, possibility of creating skin-like tissue (due to spatial controllability of cells), ease of usage (due to an electrospun mat) and creating larger skin transplants.
Dr. Masoume Haqbi Nazariak, faculty member of Research Center for Modern Technologies, Amirkabir University of Technology and Dr. Meharn Soulati, faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology were the academic advisors of this project.
 This project had the collaboration of the Research Center for Modern Technologies, biomedical engineering department of AUT, Zist Negar Amirkabir Company as well as support from vice presidency’s Development of Advanced Material Headquarters. Mobina Bazari, Fatemeh Fareghdeli, Kimia Abedi and Dianosh Kolhari were members of this project’s research team.

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